Dirtea Mushroom Tea Review

Dirtea Mushroom Tea Review

Dirtea has become the UK’s most popular tea brand. Their mushroom powders are sourced from the highest-grade organic mushrooms using a double extraction process to ensure maximum freshness.

Chaga can strengthen immunity and provide an energy boost naturally, while lion’s mane mushroom powder has long been recognized for promoting cognitive function and digestive wellbeing.

Chaga Mushroom

Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) grows slowly and is non-toxic. It can be found on birch in cold climates. Its outer appearance is similar to that of dirt or charred charcoal. However, it contains a large amount of nutrition in the form an earthy-smelling brown substance. Since centuries, chaga was used as an Eastern European and Russian health tonic. It has many antioxidant and antiviral properties. Animal research has even shown increased immune system functions while stimulating lymphocyte production as it also has antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

Mushrooms are so effective at reducing swelling that they can be used as an alternative to other treatments. They have the ability to stop cancerous cells from multiplying by blocking cell signalling pathways.

This mushroom is a powerhouse antioxidant and may provide great benefits to skin. The high levels melanin in the mushroom can offer UV radiation shielding, while being a rich source of vitamin d. This may help regulate blood glucose and increase physical performance while decreasing inflammation.

One of the easiest and best ways to utilize this mushroom is through making chaga tea. Simply soak the chunks in water for about an hour, strain, and then consume as a healthy snack or powdered for beverages.

Chaga can be found online or in natural health stores as tinctures. It may also combine with other mushroom species, such as cordyceps.

It’s important to purchase from a reliable supplier. They must provide you with a certification of authenticity detailing the harvest and growth of the product. Also, they should offer a 100% money-back guarantee! You should also know how much chaga you are taking. Although it may be beneficial to your health, you should not take too much at one time. The recommended daily dose for adults shouldn’t exceed 20 ml.

Cordyceps Mushroom

Cordyceps is believed to have many therapeutic benefits by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, from increasing energy levels to strengthening immunity. Scientific research supports many of these claims, with studies showing that it can improve both adaptive and innate immunity, as well as suppress tumor growth (Cheung Li Tsim 2005).

Cordyceps contains polysaccharides that stimulate certain white blood cells to kill germs and remove dead cells, known as phagocytosis, using certain white blood cell types that engage phagocytosis. They may also stimulate the cytotoxic T-cells – immune cells that are responsible for directly attacking cancerous and abnormal cells – by increasing hematopoiesis and inducing a reaction, increasing circulation, detoxifying livers and kidneys, organo gold gourmet black ganoderma coffee improving urination as well improving bladder functions.

Cordyceps are often consumed as a tea. This is because the beneficial compounds can be extracted by steeping cordyceps in water for a prolonged period of time. Traditionally, this tea was prepared by boiling pieces of fruiting bodies into water; however, nowadays some people also roast and grind cordyceps into powder which they then combine with hot water to form their brew.

Online and in health stores, cordyceps is also available as capsules. A typical dose per day should be between 3 to 4 grams.

Cordycepin (also known as 3-deoxyadenosine) is the main chemical compound of cordyceps. It has a number of pharmacological benefits. Cordycepin may be added to soups, sauces, or consumed raw.

Since centuries, Tibetans have used cordyceps to adjust themselves to the high oxygen levels and altitudes in which they live. Studies have shown cordyceps’ positive effects on kidneys, lung, blood pressure, and diabetes, as well as respiratory ailments like bronchitis and TB. Additionally, cordyceps increased certain enzymes to kill cancer cells and simultaneously strengthen immunity – decreasing IgE levels to minimize allergy reactions and improve wellness.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushrooms have many beneficial health uses, from strengthening immunity to treating viral infections like flu and swine flu to aiding cancer treatments and tumor removals, improving sleep quality and overall wellness promotion. Reishi is also used to treat heart disease, lung conditions such as asthma and bronchitis, as well high blood pressure, high cholesterol as well acid reflux/ulcers, as well chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Reishi mushrooms contain more than 400 different nutrients. Many have been reported to have immunostimulatory benefits, such as the 1,3 1,6 -glucans (beta-glucans) and triterpenes (triterpenes), which balance gut microbiome to promote healthy inflammation responses. Reishi is also known for its sleep-inducing effects due to the adaptogens that are contained in its tissues. These adaptogens help improve concentration during daytime and promote a deeper level of restful sleep.

Reishi mushrooms can enhance general well-being and strengthen immune systems, while also inhibiting tumour growth in laboratory animal. Research also suggests that they could potentially help with other conditions such as depression, insomnia and anxiety.

If you want to receive the proper dose of reishi supplements it’s important that you choose a brand with impeccable credentials. It is also a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider if you have any existing conditions or are taking medications, as some herbs and natural treatments can negatively interact with drugs.

Reishi is best consumed as a tea, either plain herbal tea or to add energy to coffee.

Reishi supplements are available from online retailers, health food stores and specialty shops. Look for a certified organic reishi as this will guarantee that it has been produced without the use harmful chemicals or pesticides. Buy products that are dual extracted or 3rd-party tested to increase the concentration of beneficial properties.

Super Blend

Dirtea’s Super-Blend collection of functional mushrooms teas includes innovative combinations of mushroom and ingredients that are designed to offer certain benefits, such a Cordyceps Mango which offers natural energy with no crash and Lion’s Mane Honeydew Melon for focus and memory. Their Stress Less mix combines turkeytails, best mushroom coffee reishi mushrooms, CBN, and CBD, which all work together to calm nerves, balance moods, improve sleep, and calm nervous systems.

Functional mushroom powders come in the form of tea, coffee or cacao beverages to meet individual preferences and needs. Each product contains only high quality mushroom extracts which have been triple tested for active compounds. In addition, additional nourishing components are included to increase flavor as well as enhance effectiveness.

Super Blend collection mushrooms are produced using sustainable organic methods. They are selected from only the best mushroom farms worldwide and go through a double extraction procedure to guarantee that they contain betaglucans and triterpenes as well as key nutrients.

Super Blends have a wide range of benefits. It is easy to find the perfect product. Some products, like shiitake coffee can give you extra energy and focus on busy days. Reishi tea is also known to boost your immunity and provide destressing benefits.

Super Blend products can be enjoyed by adults of all ages as tea, coffee, in smoothies, shakes or just on their own. The range includes a variety of gluten-free products that are suitable for inclusion in most diets.

Super Blend’s vegetables and greens go beyond superfood mushrooms, including kale and Napa cabbage. They also include broccoli, kohlrabi and kohlrabi. These vegetables and greens help boost immunity, while improving gut health, by providing ample fibre, minerals and antioxidants. Probiotics support digestive health and reduce swelling – resulting in a tasty, easy-to-make drink you can enjoy at home!