Tips for Safe Long Travel by Car

Tips for Safe Long Travel by Car – Driving long distances using a private car offers comfort that other vehicles cannot provide. Such as safety features, convenience, and saving costs. To ensure that long distance travel by car can be safe and comfortable, make sure to follow the following tips from “slot” for long distance travel by car.

Tips for long journeys by car

Covering a distance of hundreds of kilometers at one time, it turns out, is not so easy. Because, to cover that distance it takes hours. So, apart from the driver being required to focus, the condition of the vehicle is also the main factor that must be considered. The following are tips for long trips by car that can be used as a guide when you want to go on a long trip:

Ensure Excellent Body Condition

The first tip for long journeys by car is that the driver must be in top condition. Apart from your health, make sure you get enough sleep before traveling. Avoid sour and spicy foods, because they can trigger heartburn in the stomach. On the other hand, eat more foods that contain fiber and vitamins, so that your body stays fit. Try not to consume caffeine and energy drinks.

Make sure the car fits

Tips for traveling long distances by car that are no less important are ensuring the vehicle is in fit condition. There are at least 11 things you must check before leaving, namely:

  • Radiator water and reservoir water
  • Condition of filter and fuel hose
  • Spark plugs and engine oil
  • Engine or AC cooling fan rotation
  • Battery or battery condition
  • Timing belt
  • Car brake
  • Air filter
  • Light
  • Glass wipers
  • Used wheels and spare tire


The third safe tip for traveling long distances by car is to make sure the fuel is full. If there is not enough to reach your destination, then fill up immediately when the fuel starts to run low. Don’t wait until the needle has touched level E, because there is not necessarily the nearest gas station in front of you.

Get to know the route you will take

If this long journey is your first experience, then there’s no harm in finding out about the condition of the road you will be traveling on. Such as the travel route, the contour and width of the road, as well as the conditions around the route. These tips for safe long journeys by car aim to ensure that drivers have the necessary preparation. You can do this by browsing on the internet or finding out on social media.

Make sure to bring supplies

Provisions do not only consist of food and drink, but also necessary medicines. Especially if there are children on the trip, then these tips for safe long journeys by car should not be underestimated. Such as eucalyptus oil, nausea medicine, anti-motion sickness medicine, fever medicine, or even adequate toys. Toys will attract children’s attention and overcome boredom while traveling.

Give yourself a break in your journey

If the journey takes more than 5 hours, then take a break between journeys. Ideally, take a break every 2 hours of travel with a time span of between 15-30 minutes. Apart from restoring the driver’s freshness and focus, rest also aims to cool the vehicle engine. So there’s no harm in including rest in the safe tips for long journeys by car.

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