About Caretrip Travel Agency

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, we are exceptionally satisfied to say that the Umrah administration is the best program from caretrip Being straightforward and reasonable is our fundamental rationale towards our client and in this way we convey you the best administrations during the Umrah. We know how significant this custom is for the Muslims and subsequently caretrip has thought of various Umrah bundles from Bangladesh. Every one of our bundles is intended for you so you can pick it as indicated by your ideal spending plan to appreciate and be happy with our administrations. Our accomplished coaches will direct you as far as possible and see any of your matter. We additionally have a Hajj program that we need to make effective like our Umrah program. Because of our first class benefits, the greater part of our clients depend on the proposal from the past clients.

Caretrip is well versed in giving the best outbound visits that give you only joy and fulfillment. Our modest global occasion bundles from Bangladesh will provide you with a wide scope of decisions that will assist you with picking your good visit. We are concerned all of the time for your prosperity and subsequently, we generally keep your financial plans to us and in this way we make our bundles a lot of savvy for yourself as well as your family. We have various kinds of modest bundles that have the best and the most extravagance that you can get reasonably affordable for you.

Mision & Vision

Our Mission is to perform and deliver excellent quality service to our clients. Providing them unforgettable travel, enjoyable, with guaranteed services that exceed their expectations With this objective, we aim to earn the reputation as "Caretrip".

Statement Our vision is to be innovators, leaders and creative in the concepts of travel, positioning our company in the market within the best tourism companies in Egypt, being recognized for our professionalism and high quality products.

Umrah Packages for Bangladesh

Caretrip travel service brings the Most Comfortable and Affordable VIP Umrah Packages from Bangladesh with the accomplished strict local area expert to permit smooth and ideal excursion with no difficulty. As a most experienced Umrah administrator in Bangladesh, our group will help you from the start including all the paper works and our exceptionally Religious mentors will guide and prepare you for the Umrah. caretrip.com additionally has Ramadan Umrah bundles from Bangladesh for the people who look to perform it during this season. Albeit the scramble for Umrah during Ramadan is very high, we ensure that you will get the best convenience and offices during this busy time.

Cheap International Holiday Packages From Bangladesh

Considering having some time off from each day's bustling life? Wanting to leave the country with your friends and family to have a good time and quality time in a savvy way? Caretrip travel service acquaints you with their modest and financial plan agreeable global occasion bundles from Bangladesh only for your advantage and reward. Our bundles are a lot of savvy coming down on your financial plan and giving you the best offices that will leave you mind-blown. Our bundles give you only the best convenience in the country's best inns and resorts and mouth-watering delectable food sources that taste like little drops of paradise. Our accomplished aide will take you to the unique and popular spots in the country you hope everything turns out great for to go as. You should simply take a load off while partaking in the Mother Nature's view with a glass of your cherished beverage in your grasp.

Visa Processing Services

Caretrip Travel can be your solid visa handling specialist in Bangladesh. Improvement of present day innovation and IT framework, the world become a worldwide town and every one of our neighbors. Voyaging and relocation from a country to another is an exceptionally simple and fast interaction for an assortment of purposes like review, treatment, business, talented movement, and so on

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Why Choose Us?

You should pick your travel service shrewdly. At the point when you go home for the weeks from your standard timetable only for some unwinding, you should anticipate only joy, fulfillment and satisfaction to revive yourself and get you in the groove again. In this way, Caretrip travel service is there to guarantee that your days off don’t go to a loss with their top quality administrations and modest visit bundles from Bangladesh. Beginning from your visa handling, as we are one of the most amazing visa handling organization in Bangladesh, purchasing your tickets, booking your convenience, visit game plans and till returning you securely to your home it is all on our shoulders. You should simply to pick your ideal visit bundle, sit back, unwind, and allow us to wrap up. We ensure that you won’t find the opportunity to whine about anything.

Four Reasons why you should choose us:-

  1. Cost Effective – We are very well known that how much you have worked hard for your savings. In addition, we want you to save as much as possible on your trips and get the best services and other VIP facilities within that budget at the same time. This is where our cheap tour packages from Bangladesh come into play. Our tour packages are designed in such a manner that you are bound to get the best facilities and services within a very low budget. You will not get such pleasure in such a little amount of money in any other agencies. We believe in quality more than anything. Thus ensuring that your vacation goes as planned and your satisfaction level reaches to a new height. This is how we achieve our clients’ trust. The clients that we have already served have now made us their permanent traveling partner and they are happy with our cheap tour packages and overall services. We even provide discounts to our loyal customers. So give us a try today and let us have the honor of becoming a part of your life by fulfilling your traveling satisfaction in the cheapest way possible.
  1. No hidden charges– This is the most common thing that is suffered by most of the people. Even we face many questions regarding hidden charges. Therefore, Oboskash travel agency has a policy that says “NO HIDDEN CHARGES”. We like our information and packages to be transparent for our clients. In these cases, we are just like as an open book. When we put a price on our cheap tour packages, we mean that amount only! We will provide you the costing in details of that particular package which you wish to enjoy. We do not want to disappoint our customers and we are not one of those agencies who play hide and seeks with the costs. So, therefore, we are transparent when it comes to the pricing and costing of tour packages. The clients we served trust us because of our transparency towards the cost and the fact that we keep our commitments and thus refer us to other clients. 
  1. Quality Assurance– This is the next important thing after costing factor. If you take one or two weeks off from your everyday life, you want these weeks to be the most relaxing and fun-filled weeks of your life. We know how hard it is to take days off from work. Many companies do not approve such a long vacation. However, once it does, each second of those days’ counts and matters to you. Therefore, Obokash travel agency is here to make sure that you get nothing but relaxation and fun throughout your entire holiday, making a memorable holiday for you. We promise that at the end of your tour you will definitely feel pleased and mentally satisfied to its core. You will not feel like ending your tour. Our quality of service will definitely make you feel like you are at home and enjoying the natures mesmerizing view, and the exoticness of nature will refresh you and energize you fully making you ready to get back to your regular life until next time you need us to energize you again. We will provide you the best accommodations, food, and flights possible within a very low budget that will give you the best pleasure and satisfaction, keeping the service top-notch and budget friendly as well. Our services will create a new comfort zone for you, which you will love and enjoy the most. We guarantee that you will enjoy and have fun with our loved ones during your holidays. So do not wait anymore, book your package with us today, and have an experience of a lifetime. 
  1. Hassle-free traveling– What is the point of traveling if you have to through a lot of hassles and obstacles? To ensure that this trust and mood-breaking experience do not happen, our expert team is there to take care of it all. Right after you choose your tour package, the first thing that can be a problem is with the visa. As mentioned earlier, we were the best visa-processing agency in Bangladesh, it will not be a challenge for us. We will need a few documents from you and the rest is our headache. Once we receive your visa, rests on the procedures are very easy. We will book and buy the ticket of the airlines in which you will be traveling to your destination. We will give you the best airlines, which have the best quality of service. For your accommodations, we will book the best hotel there is available and most importantly, a hotel, which is well secured. Security of our customers is one of the major priorities that we give. You cannot have fun and enjoy if you have the tension of your belongings in the back end of your mind. We have experienced and expert guides for you to guide you everywhere and give you the tour of different famous and relaxing places with views that will mesmerize you. The expert guide will ensure that you face no problems and stay completely hassle free throughout the entire tour, just relax, and have fun.